Compared to other large scale 3D printing companies we offer cheaper overall solution tailored to your needs with a faster turn-around. With personal consultation and fast iteration of Design & 3D-print cycle you will be able to achieve better results quicker and cheaper.  Before we can quote we typically review the design files and consult clients regarding appropriate materials or the type of printers that are best suited for client’s application.

We have done many different 3D prints, such as: enclosures, cases, mounts, rings, figurines, architectural pieces, functional engineering parts. Typical single piece build time is 1-4 business days. Multiple models can be printed in parallel on up to 18 FDM and 2 SLA resin printers. FDM materials: ABS, PLA, Nylon, PC, Carbon Fiber reinforced filaments. SLA Resins: regular, castable, tough, flexible resins. Many different colours available.

Currently we are not accepting orders as we just moved to San Diego, CA, USA. Estimated start of operations is May 23, 2022

Please contact us via a contact form or send email to ‘info’ at ‘mattercreator.com’